Chlorophyll Side Effects — Detoxification

Chlorophyll Side Effects — Detoxification

In the past, many people have complained of chlorophyll side effects, that they felt like they were coming down with a fever after taking it, with all kinds of aches, pains, nausea, headaches and dizziness.  What those people don’t realize is that the side effects of chlorophyll are generally the result of the detoxification process, and not directly from the chlorophyll itself.  Let me explain what I mean.  As you grow older, eating all kinds of things and being exposed to many different types of toxins — preservatives, pesticides, smog, alcohol, heavy metals — your body begins to store them in different places.  These toxins often become lodged in place and are very difficult to move from their final resting place.

But then you start taking chlorophyll and all of a sudden, the chlorophyll starts binding to the stored toxins and causing them to release back into your bloodstream to be processed and removed.  Even though this is a very good thing, from your body’s standpoint, your bloodstream is now full of toxins.  So you start feeling lousy, with aches, pains, fever, headaches, nausea and more.  One technical name for this is the Herxheimer Reaction.  It describes what happens to a body that’s suddenly loaded with toxins.  It’s almost as though you’re suffering from a hangover.  It’s a very similar condition.  After a night of too much alcohol, your body rebels at the high level of toxins that were in your bloodstream that it had to process and remove.  You pay for it by staying in bed the whole next day.

The main chlorophyll side effects comes as the result of detoxification.  If you take chlorophyll and start feeling symptoms of fever, aches, headaches, and more, then chances are, it’s working very well.  That generally means that your body has a lot of stored toxins that it’s finally getting the chance to deal with.  That being said however, it is possible that you might have an allergy to something in the chlorophyll product you’re taking.  Chances that you’re actually allergic to chlorophyll itself are very low, since chlorophyll is everywhere in plants and is of a very similar makeup to components in human blood.  But just be careful.  Each person is different.  If your chlorophyll side effects persist, then you might want to stop taking it for awhile or seek medical attention.

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  1. I started to take Chlorophyll Powder and my upper body broke out in spots they were not itichy and did not hurt, but some were just raised red spots that would go away and others were red and had puss these ones took longer to go away. As they did not cause me any iritation I did nothing about them, and after 3 weeks they are nearly all gone. I took it as some poision in my skin being cleaned from taking the Chlorophyll, do you think this was or is the case? I also got a few on my arms and legs but none on my face. Can you explain this or have you heard anything like this before.I also experenced a flu like systoms for a few days but it went away. At the same time i started the chlorophyll powder I started to take Bios Life 2 times a day could the rash be from that? I would appriciate and answer.

  2. Hey there, sorry it took a few days to respond. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like much fun at all. The skin is especially sensitive during the detoxification process. If they went away and aren’t coming back then I would definitely think that the chlorophyll did its job well and got rid of a harmful toxin that was being stored in your skin. Are you still taking the chlorophyll? If so and if the spots have gone away, then it would definitely seem that they were part of the detox process. In addition to that, since chlorophyll also stimulates blood flow, it makes it easier for the skin to get flushed and red. That makes skin redness and rash even more likely from chlorophyll consumption.

    As far as the other supplement is concerned, you may have overdone it a bit by taking two things at once. That’s a lot of green for your body to process all at once. If it were me, I’d only take one chlorophyll green powder at a time. They’re pretty powerful. Also, if the Green Bios powder has an ingredient in it that you’re allergic to, skin rash is a very common allergic reaction. Maybe you could try taking one at a time and see if that helps anything.

  3. Hi

    Myself and my husband just started taking Swiss Chlorophyll this morning.!
    We are taking it for it’s detoxing effects..! We do have two very young children..! Is their any side effects we should be on the look out for..! The bottle suggests that we should take 1-3tea (5-15ml) spoons before food In the morning..!

    I’m just very curious as what to expect..! (Ie will hubby be able to go to work tomorrow..?)

    Any help you could offer would be fantastic.

  4. Amie, I’m not aware of any chlorophyll products that have side effects specifically for children. Most vegetables have chlorophyll in them, so it’s a common substance. I haven’t tried Swiss chlorophyll before, but it is most likely similar to the Japanese chlorella that most chlorophyll products are based off of.

  5. Benji

    I had the same reaction when I took the chlorophyll and I had a shotness of breath.
    I don’t know what ot think. I was drinking alkalized water and was taken lemons in the chlorophyll. It seem to scare you because i read that metal poisning could happen like if you are reversing metal in your body that get into your bloodstream. This shortness of breath was shallow and something I never felt before so I was concern as to was my body relasing somethign dangerous in my lungs in which I was toxic and I was inhealing it.

    Please respond because I know that Chlorophyll has a sort of menthal effect on you and does that have to do with what I was feeling.

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