What is Chlorophyll?

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a compound created and used by all green plants allowing them to perform photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy. Chlorophyll benefits the body in a variety of ways.  Photosynthesis, simply put, allows a plant to transform carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. Different plants use chlorophyll is somewhat different ways, but that’s the base function of chlorophyll in all living plants.  Surprisingly enough, chlorophyll is actually very similar to human blood, to the hema in human hemoglobin.  Because of that, chlorophyll has been called plant blood.  Hemoglobin is the component of the blood that carries oxygen.  It contains a single molecule of iron, as does chlorophyll.  That’s one of the reasons why chlorophyll is so beneficial to the body.  It can help to oxygenate the blood in a similar way to hemoglobin, which we’ll talk about next.

How Does Chlorophyll Detoxify the Body?

Chlorophyll benefits the body through detoxification in two primary ways. First, because chlorophyll is so similar to human blood and stimulates blood production and nourishment, it promotes oxygenation of the blood which helps the body to cleanse itself. Since the blood is the pipeline for all compounds in our bodies, healthy blood flow and an abundance of oxygen helps the body to cleanse itself of impurities and carry then away. But chlorophyll does more than that. It also binds with toxins like heavy metals and releases them from where they were lodged inside the body so that they can be carried away and processed.

It has also been theorized that chlorophyll can benefit people with iron deficiency, also known as anemia.  Because chlorophyll contains a single atom of iron just like human hemoglobin, and can help to oxygenate the bloodstream, many people believe that chlorophyll benefits people with anemia and can help them to keep their bloodstream oxygenated even through an iron deficiency.  Chlorophyll has also been shown to help build up red blood cells, which is an obvious benefit to people suffering from anemia.

Can You Take Too Much Chlorophyll?

There are differences of opinion in the medical community about this question. Chlorophyll, because it is such a powerful detoxifying agent, can affect a body very strongly. A person who has a lot of stored toxins in their system can experience side effects from the detoxification process. When toxins are released into the bloodstream for processing, it can have many unpleasant symptoms, which we’ll talk about more in a later post. Because of this, many experts have thought it a good idea to not take an overabundance of chlorophyll, especially not at first, until a person knows how it’s going to affect them.


Chlorophyll Benefits — Chlorella Superfood

chlorophyll benefits at their finest






Chlorophyll Benefits — Chlorella Superfood

Chlorophyll benefits the whole body.  It releases toxins from where they’re stored, boosts blood flow, and helps the body return to a state of peak efficiency.  The reason why you see the product Chlorella pictured up top, is because out of any chlorophyll product you could take, this product is leaps and bounds better than the rest.  Chlorella is a single celled algae that is by far the richest source of chlorophyll in the world.  It has 10 times more chlorophyll than alfalfa, which is where most commercial chlorophyll comes from.  Chlorella is 7% chlorophyll.  Most commercial chlorophyll products measure between just 4-5% and don’t have the added superfood benefits.


I mentioned in the title that Chlorella is a superfood.  Chlorella really is an amazing algae that has only recently become usable by humans.  Chlorella has a thick cell wall that the human digestive system can’t break down and process.  Modern science has found a way to use sound waves to crack the cell wall of the Chlorella algae, allowing its nutrients to be available for digestion.  And you wouldn’t believe how many they are.  Chlorella has everything:

  • 20 Different Vitamins and Minerals
  • 19 Different Amino Acids
  • High Content of Essential Fatty Acids
  • 60% Superior Protein (That’s higher than steak or fish)


It’s not as though Chlorella were more expensive than everything else either.  The picture at the top links to a 50% off sale where 2 packs of Chlorella are only $17.  That’s very cheap.  You won’t find chlorophyll any cheaper than that.  If you’re looking to maximize the chlorophyll benefits available to you, going with a superfood is really the way to go.  If you’re already going to pay around $20 for chlorophyll, why not buy a chlorophyll that’s all natural and has all the extra benefits?

Cellular Malnutrition

There are many reasons why you should go with a superfood/chlorophyll supplement.  Chlorophyll’s main benefit, in my mind, is to help the body return to a state of peak efficiency.  It removes toxins and frees the body up from a big burden.  But often, the cells of the body are very malnourished from years of poor dieting.  That, combined with a load of toxins can just make a person feel tired all the time.  If you really want to boost your energy levels and get your body back to peak efficiency, a chlorophyll/superfood combination is an awesome way to go.  Not only will Chlorella help remove the burden of toxins your body is constantly bearing, but it will help nourish your starving cells of the trace minerals and other things they need.  It’s really something to consider.


Chlorophyll Benefits of Wheatgrass

chlorophyll benefits through wheatgrass




Chlorophyll Benefits and Bio-Availability

There are many different sources of chlorophyll out there, and some are better than others.  The reason why is because of a little word called bio-availability.  Bio-availability refers to the body’s ability to absorb and use the food we’ve just eaten.  With any plant source, some of the plant will be absorbed and used by the body, and some of the plant will be indigestible.  This is known as fiber.  And while fiber is very beneficial in its own way, it’s not usually the main point of eating something that’s high in chlorophyll.  So what are some great bio-available forms of chlorophyll.

A big one is wheatgrass powder.  Wheatgrass powder has a number of really good benefits.  Wheatgrass powder has been shown to have many benefits, including helping with blood production, regulation of bodily processes, reducing cholesterol, quicker healing, detoxification, protection from radiation, cancer defense and more.  Though there are many plant sources that contain chlorophyll, wheatgrass powder is one of the highest sources of chlorophyll on the planet and has been shown to have many amazing benefits.  It’s definitely worth considering.  The only thing one needs to be careful of is finding a quality brands, which we’ll talk about in upcoming posts.  Many bulk wheatgrass powder distributors get their product direct from China, which has a lot less quality control standards than the United States.  So don’t just go with the cheapest brand you find.  Make sure you do some research or read the reviews on this blog.

One other reason to really consider wheatgrass is that it can be grown in your own home and juiced whenever you feel like it.  The chlorophyll benefits of homegrown wheatgrass can be pretty amazing, and being that wheatgrass is just a grass, it grows relatively easily without too much effort.  The only thing that you need to be aware of is that it takes a lot of wheatgrass just to make a shot of wheatgrass juice, so if you’re going to go the route of growing your own wheatgrass powder, you’ll most likely want to grow quite a bit of it to make it worth your while.  That being said however, with your own juicer, you can make a combination drink with more than just wheatgrass.  One can juice just about anything, which gives you the ability to experiment and find out just what combination is best for you.

Beyond the chlorophyll benefits of wheatgrass powder, there are many other benefits as well.  Wheatgrass is a fairly substantial plant source of protein, contains many vitamins like E, B12, and C, and many minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, and more.  Plus, wheatgrass is a great source of Beta Carotine.  But primarily, people have been taking wheatgrass for years because of the chlorophyll benefits they derive from it.  Chlorophyll is definitely the main event, and gives so many benefits to the body.




Chlorophyll Benefits — Green Powder Formula for Healthy Skin




Digestive Enzyme Benefits

One of the many chlorophyll benefits to the body is the huge benefit to the skin.  Chlorophyll and digestive enzymes are a very powerful combination that brings radiant health to the skin.  Here’s why.  When we were younger, our bodies were very efficient and digested most of the nutrients in the foods that we ate.  But through years of eating processed non-raw foods instead of raw fruits, vegetables, and other foods, our bodies’ supply of digestive enzymes begins to dwindle.  This means that as we age, we absorb less of the nutrients that are in our foods.  Having vibrant, healthy skin requires a wide range of nutrients, ones we often don’t have very much of in our diets.  Having a boost of digestive enzymes helps us absorb more of the nutrients needed for healthy, radiant skin.  That’s why I love green powder formulas like the one above that are power packed with chlorophyll and digestive enzymes.  Not only that, but it’s on a great sale right now.

Chlorophyll Benefits — Toxin Removal

Not only that, but we begin to store up more and more toxins.  The end result is that our skin suffers massively.  Our skin is one of the largest areas where the body stores toxins.  Toxins are stored there in hopes that through sweat, we’ll expel them and wash them free of our systems.  The problem is, most people sweat very little, and so the toxins build and build until they cause damage and premature aging.

That’s where chlorophyll comes in.  Chlorophyll has been called nature’s most powerful detoxifying agent.  Chlorophyll binds to things like heavy metals and other toxins and allows them to be removed from the body.  This can cause the skin to regain its youthful, radiant glow because the chlorophyll will help to remove the large store of toxins that’s causing a huge strain.

So when you combine chlorophyll with digestive enzymes, you get the best of both worlds as far as the skin is concerned.  You get an increase in the vital nutrients that help the skin stay healthy and vibrant, and a removal of the strain of toxins that causes the skin damage and premature aging.  This is one of the reasons why many green powder combinations have large amounts of both chlorophyll and digestive enzymes.  The manufacturers of many green powders realize that the combination between absorbing more nutrients and toxin removal is very powerful and is one of the fastest ways to get an unhealthy body back into optimal health.  Check out our reviews category to read more about green powder formulas that contain both chlorophyll and digestive enzymes.


Chlorophyll Benefits — Weight Loss

Chlorophyll Can Help Your Weight Loss Goals

Did you know that chlorophyll benefits those who are seeking to lose weight?  There are many different weight loss gurus out there telling you about this or that next new diet plan, many of them requiring cuts in calories and an exercise regime.  But most weight loss plans don’t start off with a foundation of getting your body back to peak efficiency.  That’s one of the many benefits of chlorophyll.  It helps bring your body back to peak efficiency.  Your body is a battleground, it really is.  The war we wage with the foods and chemicals we eat, the sicknesses we’re constantly being bombarded with, and the stress we undergo all play an important factor in our overall health and wellness.  One of the ways to get your body into a more healthy state is to get rid of the toxins that are stored up inside it.  That’s exactly what chlorophyll is best at.

The ideal body burns fat and calories like a furnace.  Just think about when you were a kid.  Most of us ran around all day eating whatever we felt like, had more energy than we knew what to do with, and never once saw an ounce of fat on us.  That’s because our bodies were running at peak efficiency, with few toxins to deal with and a racing metabolism to burn up all of the calories we ate.  But as we grow older, our bodies begin to take on new loads.  They encounter toxins that begin to build up, and lack of exercise and activity causes our metabolism to slow down.  Once our bodies begin to drift away from peak efficiency, weight gain happens.  It’s only natural.  That’s why chlorophyll benefits those most who haven’t detoxed in awhile.

So if you’re wanting to lose weight (and most of us do) then try doing things that bring your body back to peak efficiency.  Reducing the toxic load on your body is a pretty big deal.  Not only will it help to speed up your metabolism and give you more energy, your body will just feel better and you’ll feel a boost in vitality.  It’s not rocket science.  Toxins are like lead weights that keep us down.  The more toxins a person removes from their body, the less energy their body has to expend to deal with those toxins, which means the more energy they’ll have for positive activities.  Having more energy is one of the keys to healthy weight loss.  Of course, it’s not the only thing, but it’s a nice place to start.  You’ll still most likely have to do some exercise and calorie counting, but getting your body back on the road toward peak efficiency is a great place to start.